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For Digital Art & Digital Graphic Design:

Fine Art Finals defines this media as art created on the computer using any viable software commercially available today.  Accepted forms of digital art and digital graphic design include digital paintings, vector based graphics, fractals, digital sculpture and 3D modeling, digital collage, photo-manipulation, etc. 

For digital sculpture and 3D modeling, there are two accepted submission formats:

         1.  Digital sculpture or a 3D model that is entered as a “sculpture.”  In this case, it
              would be viewed like a traditional sculpture in that the student may submit up
              to three copies/prints for each entry in order to study the piece from
              several views, but no more than 3 copies/prints per digital sculpted piece.

         2.  The second would be considered more of an “illustration” that utilizes the
              digital sculpture or 3D model with a digitally created background.  In this
                   case, the student will submit no more than 1 copy/print per digital illustration.


Only one submission accepted per student, however there is no limit to the number of students allowed to participate from any one school.  There will be no set limit to the number of Finalists chosen.  Scholarships will be awarded to the Winners by mail.

Once Finalists are chosen, all Finalists will be required to E-mail and/or mail a CD of the chosen artwork for display on the Fine Art Finals website.  Fine Art Finals will also send interviews to winning artists by email so that we may post to our blog for greater artist exposure and to help inspire other student artists across the country as they pursue their artistic endeavors.

This is a privately juried scholarship competition.  Selection of Finalists and Winners will be made from a review of submitted high-quality 8.5"x11" or smaller copies, prints, and/or photos.  All acceptable entry formats will be judged equally.  All decisions by jurors are final.  No juror or employee of Fine Art Finals, or their families, shall be eligible to enter any Fine Art Finals Scholarship Competition.


Fine Art Finals does not infringe on artists’ copyrights.  Individual artists retain all ownership rights.  Fine Art Finals will only display Finalist and Winning artwork on our webpage and/or printed on future “Call for Entries” posters for promotional purposes for future scholarship competitions and for individual artist exposure.  If Fine Art Finals is contacted by an outside source to purchase art displayed on website or to represent an artist for a gallery, the artist will be notified and can contact potential buyers or gallery representatives at their discretion.  No
artists’ contact information will ever be given without artists’ consent.  Fine Art Finals will not accept commission on any artwork sold by the artist, nor does Fine Art Finals solicit or accept advertisement.  Fine Art Finals respects the rights of and only promotes the advancement of the artist and the visual arts.


As Fine Art Finals Scholarship Competitions continue to grow, along with the 
ever-growing high costs of college tuition, we hope to provide larger scholarship awards and more competitions in the coming years.


Please review the Q&A Page before submitting questions.
Do you want to know how to make 3D and 360 degree photos? Try!

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All Finalist and Winning Artwork displayed is subject to Individual Artist's copyright 
and cannot be used or copied without Artist's expressed permission.