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Q:  I attend a small community college, will my work be judged equally against those coming from a large university's school of art or a dedicated art college?

A:  All artwork submitted to Fine Art Finals Scholarship Competitions are judged equally against all other works.  Work is solely judged by quality, creativity, and originality of work, regardless of college attended.

Q:  My high school is small and does not have a strong art program.  Do I stand a chance competing against students from larger high schools that have stronger art programs?

A:  All artwork submitted to Fine Art Finals Scholarship Competitions are judged equally against all other works.  Work is solely judged by quality, creativity, and originality of work, regardless of high school attended or the strength of that high school's art program.  The purpose of the High School Scholarship Competitions is not only to award the student, but also award the school's art program in hopes of helping them to continue to develop young artistic expression.


Q: Our School has a full traditional art program as well as a digital art program.  How do you define Digital Art?


A: We define digital art as art created on the computer using any viable software commercially available today.  We are primarily looking for digital paintings, vector based graphics, fractals, digital sculpture and 3D modeling, digital collage, photo-manipulations, etc.


 Q: I am curious to know what format video of sculptural media should be sent in?


A: We are not accepting video files.  Any digital media or digital sculpture must be in copy/print/photo format. If using a video format, a suggestion would be to make 3 stills from your video of different views you would like to submit.  A copy/print/photo of each of these 3 stills is acceptable.


Q: How should Digital 3D Media be submitted?


A: For digital sculpture and 3D modeling, there are two accepted forms of entry submission: 

  1. The first being a digital sculpture or 3D model that is entered as a “sculpture.”  In this case, it would be viewed like a traditional sculpture in that the student may submit up to three copies/prints for each entry in order to study the piece from several views, but no more than 3 copies/prints per digital sculpted piece.
  2. The second would be considered more of an “illustration” that utilizes the digital sculpture or 3D model with a digitally created background.  In this case, the student will submit no more than one copy/print per digital illustration.


Q: In the eligibility section it mentions public and private schools but not proprietary schools.  We are a two year Associate degree granting proprietary institution.  Would our students qualify for the competition?


A: Yes, for the Collegiate Regional Competitions, your students would qualify as we are accepting all Associate Degree candidates.


Q: Is it possible to enter multiple categories for the Collegiate Regional Competition?  I am currently studying several of your categories.


A: Yes, for all Collegiate Regional Competitions only, you can enter up to 3 works of different media. As there is no “categories,” all works will compete against all other entries and not judged by category. The Fine Art Finals Collegiate Scholarship Competitions do not have individual categories.  Please see the Collegiate Entry Rules Page for media accepted.


Q: I do not know which piece to send since I have so many, can you please view my website to see my body of work?


A: Thank you for sending us a link to your website, however, because previewing your body of work prior to judging could corrupt the validity of this competition, we cannot view your body of work or your website.


Q: I have some excellent work done by my students this semester for a magazine advertisement, which is of tabloid size.  Would you accept artwork of tabloid size (2 letter sizes combined together)? This artwork has been executed in InDesign and Photoshop.


A: We are accepting work of all sizes (including tabloid 11”x 17” pieces) in both 2D and 3D applications of traditional and digital media.  However, all submissions must be high-quality copies/prints/photos no larger than 8.5” x 11.”  If the submitted examples are larger than 8.5” x 11,” we request that the piece be scaled down to an 8.5” x 11” sized copy/print/photo format.


Q: In the Collegiate Entry Rules, it mentions that only one entry per candidate and in the website it mentions max 3 examples per candidate. Kindly clarify.


A: For the Collegiate Regional Competitions, we are accepting only one submission per student, but each artist submission can total up to 3 examples of their work.  Each example will be judged separately, not as a body of work.  Examples do not have to be of the same media. There is no limit to the number of students allowed to participate from any one college or university.


Q: Should each candidate participating in the Collegiate competition pay $30 as entry fee?  I opine that many talented students will be discouraged to participate if there is a fee associated to it.


A: We do require each College student to include a non-refundable $30 entry fee as part of each student’s submission to be considered for the Collegiate Regional Scholarship Competition and the generous $1,200 First Prize, a $2,200 total Scholarship Awards per Collegiate Regional Competition.


Q: Does each High School student need to pay $10 with their entry submission?


A: We do require each High School student to include a non-refundable $10 entry fee as part of each student’s submission to be considered for the High School State Scholarship Competition and the generous $500 First Prize to the student and $250 First Prize to the student’s School Art Program, a $875 total Scholarship Student Awards and $500 total awards given to the students’ schools – a grand total of $1,375 in Scholarship Awards per High School State Competition.


Q: I have wood sculptures I would like to submit, these need to be viewed from different vantage points. How many different pictures can I send for each piece?


A: For your wooden sculptures, you may submit 3 copies/prints/photos per sculpted piece to allow us to study each piece from three different vantage points, but no more than 3 copies/prints/photos per sculpted piece.  All copies/prints/photos must be numbered to correspond with the entry number on the entry form.  You may submit up to 3 pieces for Collegiate Regional Competitions.  If all three examples are sculptures, you can submit up to 3 copies/prints/photos for each totaling up to 9 copies/prints/photos all together.  (For the High School State Competitions, only one sculpture would be eligible for submission, totaling in up to 3 copies/prints/photos all together).


Q: How do I give proof that I am enrolled in a college or university for the Collegiate Regional Competition?


A:  For the Collegiate Regional Competition, the Proof of Enrollment artists must provide can include a copy of current student ID, schedule, or report card if you are a current student.  If you are an incoming student for the upcoming semester, please provide an acceptance letter.


Q:  How do I give proof that I am enrolled in a High School for the High School Competition?


A: A teacher’s or school administrator’s name and signature must be affixed in the appropriate location on the High School State Competition’s Entry Form.


Q: I have been painting on vinyl lately and I have a lot of work to show.  I can’t just send three pieces to be displayed, I have been showing these in series of 10 to 12.  They are very easy to ship due to the weight, so I will send you three of them for consideration in the Collegiate Regional Competition.


A: The rules for the scholarship competition indicates that, “All entries must be high-quality copies/prints/photos no larger than 8.5x 11 (inches).”  Please do not send actual works of art.  Also, only 3 examples of your work, of your choosing, will be accepted for the Collegiate Regional Competition.  Each sample of your work will be judged separately, not as a body of work.


Q: Can I send my entry on a CD or in slide format?


A: No, we are not accepting CD or slide formats for submissions.  The rules for the scholarship competition indicates that, “All entries must be high-quality copies/prints/photos no larger than 8.5 x 11 (inches).”  Submissions in any other format other than copies/prints/photos will be disqualified, and will not be returned to the artist.

Q: Will copies/prints/photos be sent back to the student?


A: No, copies/prints/photos will not be returned.

Q: Will you accept late submissions?


A: No, all entries must be postmarked by deadline date of specified competition for consideration for all Scholarship Awards.  Artists who submit after postmarked deadline will be disqualified.  Late entries will not be sent back.


Please review the Q&A Page before submitting questions.

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